Sexy blonde chubby girls

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Men are interested in vagina and within that body, between those chubby thighs lays the warm oasis.

The penis doesn’t care what you look like and the value a man has with a fit body and labeled hot by you is of little value in comparison with a vagina, men simply can’t compete and do everything they can to have access to it.

Women always ask these kinds of questions because they think its personal and it is something about her that drew him to you or made you desirable, the reality is it doesn’t take anything special and you’re not an exception but these guys are doing the same with pursuing ..

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Masturbation with a BBW

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Thursday night, he finished before she did – and got up to see what was going on. Creeping up the hallway, he needed to be extremely cautious; those sounds … He didn’t even touch her door, but stood outside of it, listening. He could make no sense of the sounds, initially – the grunts, gasps and whines. He was pretty sure she didn’t work out. But there was a rhythm to them – something hauntingly familiar… Continue reading

I fell in love with a really hot and sexy BBW

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My name is Hank I’m 22 years old this story is about how I fell in love with a really hot and sexy BBW named Heather she is 26 years old a red head with blue eyes 42DD tits and a tight ass
any ways this is how we meet I just got dumped by my ex girl friend so I sided to not cry about it so I went in to my favorite chat room BBW I have always loved big woman ever since I was in high school so I went in just to see who was on line than I saw a name that caught my eye her sing on name was redhead69 I asked her if I could I’m her so we could talk privately she said ok so I did we talked about every thing there was to talk about we have the same love for pretty much everything but I had to get off Continue reading

My fat stepmom

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It was difficult to concentrate on classes that next day. Just about the only thing that was on my mind was my step mom. All that I could think of was her big fat ass that I had just fucked the day before. It seems the more I thought about it the harder my cock became. It’s a good thing that I just had morning classes and I could go home early that day. If my stepmom was home maybe she would let me fuck her or suck me off. I was in need of some relief.

Classes soon ended I was headed home. When I pulled in the drive I noticed a car I had not seen before. I thought to myself that Sally must have a friend over and there goes my chance. I guess I would have to go to my room and masturbate and just think about fucking my stepmom. Continue reading

I wanted to fuck a chubby girl

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It all started for me, wanting to be with chubby fat girls, when I was seventeen. Susan Fedico , and I had been fucking each other since we were fourteen. She was skinny as hell , no tits and her pubic bone use to rub me sore everytime we’d fuck. which was almost every afternoon . after school. I practaclly lived at her place. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the pleasures she had put on me. Especially the way she sucked cock. But my fantasies always laid in the other bedroom. I wanted to fuck her Mother so bad. She was short five- four weighed around a hundred sixty pounds….Her big soft looking tits turned me on, along with the way her ass moved when she walked. She was chubby , but she had one of those beautiful round faces. She had a great laugh and a wonderful sense of humor..Margie was thirty -eight years old, and been divorced a couple of years, I had kind of been her handy man .. I mowed her lawn, and always repaired little jobs I could handle. The only thing I hadn’t done for her, that I wanted to do so bad was fuck her…. Oh well her daughter was keeping my reserve of cum in check, but if I ever had the chance I’d be in her balls deep. Continue reading