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Bus driver falls for beautiful BBW

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“Hi Beautiful,” Bill said, watching Caroline’s shapely calves climb the steps of the bus before meeting her gaze. Her dark brown eyes peeked up at him from behind her long, thick lashes. A blush crept onto her cheeks and her lips curved into the cutest little embarrassed smile. Bill waited for this look every day. His heart lurched every time.

Today, her long dark brown hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. Bill liked it better when it hung loose, long and straight over her shoulders and down her back. But the ponytail did serve to expose more of the youthful, creamy soft skin he yearned to touch. Just once he wanted to touch her skin. Just to know – did it feel as soft as it looked? Continue reading

Cheating Arabian fat wife gets gang banged after hours

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arab bbw

Fatima Zahra is a hijabi wife, teacher and a mother of 2 kids, however, this is just the start of who this Indian bitch is since she is the above only when her husband is around. Her other side is a wild, sex-crazy MILF with a massive, seat-swallowing ass that covered 2 guys when she sat on their knees during orgies at the school she worked in. Fatima’s size attracted many as her figure-hugging abaya gave onlookers a great view.

The Indian MILF wife was always jumping from dick to dick after her marriage; she even had her own website where she did many scenes: mostly interracial. Her fair, North Indian looks made her hot property of underground porn; thick cocksucking lips and deep brown eyes while she blew rods, twerking her massive ass and giving the middle finger to the camera: directed at her husband. Long, straight black hair pulled by her lovers as they rammed and slammed her oversized shitter. It has seen double and even triple penetrations.
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Young Johnny and a Sexy, Posh, BBW, Mature.

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It was 2010 and I had just finished studying at university. I was born and bred in a small town in New Zealand, a distant and exotic location for some, but I found it cold and boring. I graduated from university with a physiotherapy degree. The downside of my education was my student loan, which had ballooned to become larger than I’d anticipated. Immediately after my graduation I worked picking fruit, but this was just a short-term solution to my growing financial woes. It was nice to work outdoors for a change, however, I had to put my qualifications to better use and I had to clear my debt. My 24-year-old 5’9″ frame had not done any physical work for a few years, so there were benefits to the job. The fruit picking had slimmed me down to about 75kg (165 pounds). I felt fit for the first time in years. Continue reading

Interlude with BBW Olivia followed by birthday surprise

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sex story

The next month was hectic. Winter Break ended and I was soon knee-deep in lab reports and exams that needed to be graded in a timely manner even though I was busy enough putting the finishing touches on my thesis.

Bonnie and Charlotte were a flurry of activity the entire month, too. We all went out to the Thai place up the block to celebrate their being chosen for Cupcake Battle that night they got the call.

“I still don’t believe it,” Bonnie said, shaking her head. “We’ve only been open a few months and already we’re going to get national exposure.” Continue reading