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The Twelve Nights of Xmas

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I arrived back in my apartment at about nine pm after a
long day at my folks. With a few presents in my arms, I
opened the door to discover that I wasn’t alone.

Sitting on my couch was a very attractive young woman. As
she stood up, I dropped the packages I was carrying to
the floor. She was about 5′ 4″ tall, with long wavy
blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was wearing a variant
of a Santa suit, but instead of pants she was wearing a
very short skirt and instead of a large belly she had a
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April Flores

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April Flores – born April 30, 1976 in Los Angeles County, California, also known as Fatty Delicious, or Fatty D, is an American pornographic actress and director, writer, photographer, makeup artist, and plus-size model. In a 2015 article with Cosmopolitan Flores stated that she wants her work to show plus size women “that we are worthy of pleasure and desirability” and that she wants to reclaim the term “fat” to have a positive connotation instead of a negative one.

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Used and abused by two fat women

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She just bent down to fetch the cake I had asked for
and her blouse fell open, so I had a bird’s eye view
of her huge tits. I had bought stuff here every other
day for the last six months and had noticed, of
course, that she had enormous tits. She was just plain
fat, but even if she lost all the weight she’d still
have big tits. Now I was staring at them my legs felt
weak; her tits were squashed together, the skin
slightly wrinkled between them, they each looked
bigger than her head.
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