My bbw stepmom

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I was 18 years old , slim fit good looking boy. I had just moved in with my father and his new wife. I know this sounds like every other “stepmom” story, but mine is very real. My dad worked nights and was gone alot. On this night my stepmother mom and I were watching tv. She was complaining about how her back was hurting and rubbing her own shoulder. My stepmother was 41 years old, tall 5’10 and full figured with huge natural tits. I asked her if she wanted me to rub her back and she agreed. She was wearing a real loose t shirt and sweat pants. I started off by rubbing her shoulders and working down her back and up to her neck. She would let out a moan or a groan once in a while and her eyes were closed. When I got to her neck she told me that I needed to stop. I knew that there was something going on more than a stepson giving his stepmom a back rub by the way she was moaning at times. I said why should I stop? She said we are going to get in trouble. I kept rubbing and making her squirm. Then she jumped up really fast and ran down the hallway and yelled come here. I went into my bedroom and she was but ass naked laying on my bed. Her big natural breast and hairy bush exsposed! Continue reading


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This is a story of how I fucked a girl Colette I went out on a date with who is 20 years old. She lives in Delhi. She is fair 5’6” and has nice built, chubby at right places. She has black hairs, sharp eyes, sharp nose, nice pink lips on which she always wears some bright shade of red lipstick. She has very nice legs and looks sexy enough. She usually wears clothes that appears as if just made for her. Her figure is approximately 36C-26-36 She has a great skin BTW.

So, coming to the story, I was single and was searching for a girl therefore I installed tinder. I was swiping every girl right as I didn’t want to read bio and all. I didn’t get any matches on the first day and it was becoming boring and I was about to give up. The second day I got a notification saying I have new match. I saw the girl’s profile and there were no real images, there I was again sad thinking it to be a fake profile. But instead I sent Hi, to which her reply came. After that I was not hoping too much but we had good 2 hours long conversation over tinder. She was very flirty and I was obligating too. Continue reading

Oral sex with a plumper dominate woman

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Eating pussy, ass and my own cum for the first sex encounter I ever had with a girl. She could make me do anything that pleased her and it was great for me as weel.
I was eighteen and met a girl at a dance. I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle while working on their ranch and often had their house to myself. We went to a movie one night and ended up going to the house. We were on the couch kissing and she let me undo her blouse and bra. I moved down and started licking, kissing and sucking her breasts. She said she had some other parts that would like some of the same attention and stood up and undressed. She told me to take off my shirt and lay on the floor. She sat down on my chest and slid up to my mouth with her pussy and started rubbing it on my face. I licked and sucked as she push hard against my face. She was what some would have called on the fat side and she covered my face to where it was hard to breath. She was very wet and her hairy pussy was rubbing my mouth and face and I was licking as deep into her pussy as I could while she moaned. The taste, smell and juices of her was amazing. I reached down and undid my pants and stated stroking my hard penis. I didn’t last long and came huge amounts shooting up on her back and it ran down her ass onto my chest and neck. She said what a mess I think you need to clean this up. She laydown on her stomach on the floor and told me to lick her clean. I licked my cum from her back. I had never tasted my own cum before but by now I would do anything she asked. It had run down her ass crack and she said to clean that up too. When I got to her ass hole she reached back and pushed my face down hard and told me that hole needs licking too. She told me to roll back over and straddle my face again and would rub her pussy and slide up to have me lick her ass hole. In all the time we were together she never touched my cock she would just fuck my face and have me masturbate and clean her as before. The last encounter we had she said she wanted to watch me eat my cum right out of my dick. She had me lay against the couch with my head on the floor and my legs and dick above my face. She watched me beat off and cum in my mouth but still never touched my dick. But this time she kissed me and licked the cum that had not gone in my mouth from my face. I will never forget her and I still like a woman to sit on my face more than ant other type of sex.