Bbw fantasies – Erotic massage with Nikki

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I have been married for over ten years now but for the last five years I have fantasized about being with a BBW. My wife is beautiful and very sexy but I can’t help but to constantly daydream about being controlled by a big beautiful goddess. To satisfy my desires I would explore the internet to see pictures and videos of BBW pornstars. I am still not sure how I found her but one day I came across Chubby Nikky on Twitter.

I was attracted to her instantly. She was a very curvy tall bbw goddess and in her pics she oozed confidence. She was exactly what I had dreamed about. Though at first I was very hesitant, after all I was married and had never cheated on my wife before. But I could not hide the lust I had for her.

For the next few weeks I would constantly check out her erotic service page, it felt like she was seducing me from afar, as her pictures got more and more revealing. As well I had now discovered that Nikky was practicing being a domme, a secret fantasy of mine. Continue reading