BBW On Our Wedding Night

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On our wedding, Bibs was already in her 27th week and
her belly was protruding and proud. And oh, what a
beautiful sight she was! Sailing like a majestic ship,
with her swollen boobs proudly going before her, like
some heavy guns, her belly not smaller, like the flight
deck, and her big ass making the majestic stern of the
war ship. War ship has a lot to do with worship,
doesn’t it? Anyway, I did worship her.
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Maria Moore – One of the hottest bbw on the earth

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Maria Moore is a hot chubby porn star with 36K natural tits. She said, “I have never been a huge fan of my boobs; I have spoken about that before. My appreciation of them only developed after meeting someone who adored everything about them. Previously, I would seek out guys, who were totally opposed to the size. I even had a long term relationship with someone who considered them embarrassing. I spoke with several plastic surgeons in my late teens and early 20’s about reductions. There were days I thought about getting implants just to perk them up a bit…I still think about that.”

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