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Sinful Celeste

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Sinful Celeste is a chubby Latina woman from California. She worked as a webcam girl as well under the name Sinsational Celeste. She began modelling in September 2014 and made her first porn debut October 2014.

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Short bbw cuckold

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We use fantasies a lot. My husband and I talked a lot about me screwing a friend of his. I did turn me on but we only talked about it for a long time. Then one day when that friend stopped by to see my husband, I mentioned that I was going to paint a bedroom the next day. He said he would be happy to help me while my husband was at work. I agreed and he showed up as we agreed and it took us about four hours to paint the room. We talked the entire time and I told him I had no idea how to repay him. He said he had a couple of ideas. I smiled and said ok. Whatever you want.
He took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom and kissed me and started to remove my blouse.
I started to undo his belt but we got in a hurry and just undressed ourselves. I pushed him back on the bed and sucked him for awhile. He then rolled over on top of me and said he was ready for his payment and started to fuck me very slowly.
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The chubby hottie next door

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I’ve lived next door to Keith and Mary for nearly a decade and during that time I’ve seen their young daughter Lizzy grow up from a little girl into a fairly hot chubby teenager. So last week when Keith and Mary decided to go on holiday they let Lizzy stay at home for the first time by herself, and then quietly asked me to keep an eye on her while they were away. So they left for a nice break away and for a few days Lizzy enjoyed having the house to herself for the first time. On the 3rd day I noticed it was mid afternoon and I still hadn’t seen her up and about so like I had promised I casually wandered next door to see if she was okay. strolling around the fence I stepped into their back ground and not seeing her still I headed for the back door, strangely I found it open and stepped inside. Wandering through the kitchen and then into their lounge I still couldn’t find young Lizzy but then I heard a noise upstairs so I decided to go see what it was. I climbed the stairs and following the noise to the last bedroom I peered in through the slightly open door. To my amazement inside was young Lizzy lying on her bed completely naked, I stared at her chubby pale teen body with her large round tits and short black hair and immediately my cock began to spring to life. Continue reading