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BBW On Our Wedding Night

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On our wedding, Bibs was already in her 27th week and
her belly was protruding and proud. And oh, what a
beautiful sight she was! Sailing like a majestic ship,
with her swollen boobs proudly going before her, like
some heavy guns, her belly not smaller, like the flight
deck, and her big ass making the majestic stern of the
war ship. War ship has a lot to do with worship,
doesn’t it? Anyway, I did worship her.
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Holiday with my plumper wife

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My wife Wendy and I took a well deserved vacation after 25 years of marriage. With two grown up girls who had left home, we had our first vacation just the two of us on a Caribbean beach holiday. My wife was 44, a little plump, 5′ 2″ with straight shoulder length auburn hair and lovely blue eyes. Her best assets were her lovely legs and a pair of heavy dd breasts tipped with sensitive brown nipples. Whenever she dressed in a tight top or anything low cut her chest always drew admiring glances.

Well the second day of our holiday saw us on the mostly empty beach, being slightly out of season, behind some dunes in a sheltered spot all to ourselves. My wife in a lovely bright yellow string tied bikini her big breasts barely contained in the small top. As we lay their on our towels soaking up the sun I couldn’t help but sneak quick glances at her lovely boobs that held their shape even when she was lying on her back. Continue reading

Short bbw cuckold

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We use fantasies a lot. My husband and I talked a lot about me screwing a friend of his. I did turn me on but we only talked about it for a long time. Then one day when that friend stopped by to see my husband, I mentioned that I was going to paint a bedroom the next day. He said he would be happy to help me while my husband was at work. I agreed and he showed up as we agreed and it took us about four hours to paint the room. We talked the entire time and I told him I had no idea how to repay him. He said he had a couple of ideas. I smiled and said ok. Whatever you want.
He took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom and kissed me and started to remove my blouse.
I started to undo his belt but we got in a hurry and just undressed ourselves. I pushed him back on the bed and sucked him for awhile. He then rolled over on top of me and said he was ready for his payment and started to fuck me very slowly.
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A chance meet with a BBW ends in her mouth

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I noticed her near the frozen food counter bending over
to reach something. Just the way I like em, big. It was
when she stood and turned in my direction that I noticed
her breasts. She wore a wool cardigan open all the way
and under a old fashioned silk blouse that was almost see

But it was her large brown nipples that got my attention.
I could see them clearly through the fabric and for some
reason it was the most erotic sight I’d seen in a long
time. I felt my cock stiffen and twitch and my mind went
blank. She was not wearing a bra and her massive breasts
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A Gothic BBW is seduced and dominated by her dream man

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goth bbw

I met him in the bar, right away I knew, I knew this one was special and that he was what I was looking for, which is strange because until that moment I had no idea I was looking.

The music was blasting but at that moment I couldn’t have told you if it was The Cruxshadows or Rammstein, every bit of my attention was on him. He was tall, I could tell he was a good deal taller then my 5’8 and slender but even from across the room I could tell he was strong, something about the way he moved. He had short dark hair and an eyebrow ring as well as a pointed labret below his lip and all I could wonder was how would it feel to kiss him with that small spike in the way. Continue reading