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Gina-G the busty britain brunette hottie

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Georgina Gee (A.K.A Gina G.) is a British adult model. She’s a short girl and was 19 years old when she made her debut at BustyBritain in July 2012. In early 2013 she opened her official website and changed her nickname to Georgina Gee. 168lb and 32K on her debut, she has continued to grow and in early 2017 now weighs 224lb and fills a 36L bra.

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Bbw fantasies – Erotic massage with Nikki

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I have been married for over ten years now but for the last five years I have fantasized about being with a BBW. My wife is beautiful and very sexy but I can’t help but to constantly daydream about being controlled by a big beautiful goddess. To satisfy my desires I would explore the internet to see pictures and videos of BBW pornstars. I am still not sure how I found her but one day I came across Chubby Nikky on Twitter.

I was attracted to her instantly. She was a very curvy tall bbw goddess and in her pics she oozed confidence. She was exactly what I had dreamed about. Though at first I was very hesitant, after all I was married and had never cheated on my wife before. But I could not hide the lust I had for her.

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