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A chance meet with a BBW ends in her mouth

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I noticed her near the frozen food counter bending over
to reach something. Just the way I like em, big. It was
when she stood and turned in my direction that I noticed
her breasts. She wore a wool cardigan open all the way
and under a old fashioned silk blouse that was almost see

But it was her large brown nipples that got my attention.
I could see them clearly through the fabric and for some
reason it was the most erotic sight I’d seen in a long
time. I felt my cock stiffen and twitch and my mind went
blank. She was not wearing a bra and her massive breasts
moved freely under the silk. Continue reading

A BBW wants to surprise her husband by dressing like a hooker

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Maggie had had enough, for the past three years she had
been so sexually frustrated she was driven to
distraction. The problem was her weight or so her husband
John was always quick to remind her. Its true that since
having their last baby 10 yeas ago she has put on lots of
weight but she was never really a skinny woman and the
bastard couldn’t get enough of her at one time.

Recently he would only have sex with her if he had been
drinking and always in the dark, in the recent past he
had tried to take her with the lights on but lost his
erection saying it was her fat belly that put him off.
All this was hard on Maggie as she was still a horny
passionate woman, she had daily fantasies and could not
get through the day without masturbating at least once. Continue reading