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Manipulated by my friend’s mom

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bbw mom

I’m just a young boy and I’m about to turn 18 and my mom’s friend whose name is Lisa, actually I would call her Mrs. Carter but she insisted that I call her by her first name, i.e., Lisa she was in her 40s, she lived two houses away from ours and she has been friends with my mom since I remember, hot is one word I would describe her but I’ve never thought or felt that way about her because of how close she and my mom are. She does have a husband and she also has a daughter who is a one or two years younger than me but her daughter stays abroad with her grandparents and she would visit only during the holidays and Lisa had always looked at me a certain way, a way which no woman would ever look at a teenager. Continue reading

Fattie Like Facesitting

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I had had oral sex with a fattie girl.
I had met and she told her friend about it. Her friend came to my house and said she wanted to see what I could do and what she could do to me. I invited her in and she said she heard I liked to have my face sat on while eating meaty pussy and said she was just what I needed and started undressing.

She said I heard you would do whatever I want and if you make me happy I will show you what I can do for you so get out of your clothes and let me see what you have. She was nude by then and I took off my clothes, when I was naked she said show me how you beat off. I stood in front of her and started stroking my cock and squeezing and pulling on my balls. Continue reading