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A BBW and her married lover

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She eyed herself critically in the mirror, never understanding fully why he loved the parts of her that she hated but still marvelling at how sexy he could make her feel. Her short dark hair, round face, double chin and bright eyes sparkling back at her, a slight hint of the inner mischief showing.

Her eyes travelled down her body, her 44DD breasts encased in the bra of the expensive set he had bought her, bright scarlet and black, sensual and lacy. Moving down further, over her size 20 frame to the panties, she grimaced at the sight, wishing she were half her size. She looked further down to her thighs and calves below. Continue reading

Dusty Rose Busty XXX Model

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Dusty Rose bbw porn star lives in Michigan and she enjoys a very healthy, and kinky, sex life. She submitted tons of sexy photos of herself to Voluptuous and had her first magazine appearance in 2006. She’s made one more appearance in October and has had some amazing scenes in adult movies like Busty Cock Worshippers. Dusty has also appeared in and did a video interview where she gets her mouth and cunt pounded hard.

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I Fucked my BBW co-worker

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fat girl

I just started a new job a couple of months ago. A job doing something I’ve done for about 10 yrs & now getting paid the most of I’ve ever gotten paid. The first couple of days were good with meeting everyone & getting settled in. Everyone seems cool & really laid back.

At least I THOUGHT I’d met everyone. A couple of days into my new place of employment, a woman walked through that I hadn’t seen yet. She’s about 5’11” with dark hair & highlights. A nice weight where everything is evenly proportioned. I’d say probably about 325lbs but wears the weight oh so well. Nice round ass & boobs that are probably about a DDD. She’s got a really spunky attitude too. Nice but also the kind where you know she wouldn’t take shit from anyone.
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