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Spying on a mature Countess leads to steamy revelations

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spy bbw

Eyda looked down the torch-lit hallway, and after making sure nobody was coming, pressed her bare palm on the stone brick she knew would open the secret door. As the mechanism hidden behind the wall slowly revealed the passage, she slid a hood over her half-elven ears, concealing her short, reddish hair. Once inside the tunnel, she made sure the door closed behind her and produced the map the Emperor had drawn for her. The ink on the parchment indicated she had to go up and make a few turns around the castle before she would reach the room she had to sneak into. Eyda whispered an incantation and activated the magical artifact she had on her left hand: a copper ring that shone dimly, like a candle. It wouldn’t be enough for a human to navigate with, but for a half-elf, whose eyes could easily adjust to the penumbra of twilight, it was a valuable tool. Continue reading