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Chuck replaces his girlfriend with a plumper woman

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Chuck looked at the time on his watch. It was getting late as he sat on the bleachers of the football court. He was impatiently waiting for Ashley to finish her cheers. They had been high school sweethearts, and now attended the same college. It was their second year at the university, and while Chuck remained a Psychology major, Ashley switched from Nursing to Physical Education. She applied for the college cheer-leading squad, and was quickly accepted; after all she did fit the bill for the position. Ashley was a petite, red-headed hottie. She never had any problems with getting her way because of her looks, and she became popular in a very short time.

Chuck supported her and came to all her practices and games; however, the whole routine was becoming tedious. He was beginning to realize that their relationship was suffering, because she never had time for him anymore. He loved her, but his patience was wearing thin. For the past two months, he couldn’t count how many times she blew him off for practice and cheer-leading meetings. He had responsibilities too, and even he made time for her. Ashley was becoming too absorbed in the college football world, and didn’t seem to care about them as a couple. Still, Chuck was hesitant to leave her and hoped that she would come to her senses. Now he was waiting for practice to end, and it seemed that he would only have to wait half an hour longer.

“Thank God it’s almost over.” he thought.

“Hey man!” a voice called out to him.
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