Calista Roxxx nudes

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Calista Roxxx is a fat and mature porn star from United States. In her career, she has worked with sites such as Adult Empire, Sugar Instant, Jeffs Models. Records show that Calista Roxxx is currently active which means she is still making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photoshoots.
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Providing oral servitude to BBW Goddess

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This story happened 10 years ago, when I was dating casually, exploring a wide range of sexual experiences.

Her personal ad was straightforward: Big Beautiful Goddess looking for oral worship. I answered without hesitation. After a few messages we exchanged phone numbers. She allowed me to call her.

The first phone conversation is the crucial transition from online to real life. Conversation provides the opportunity to decide whether there is chemistry between strangers. Her voice was cheerful. She had a sense of humor. A mixture of curiosity, excitement and just the right small dose of nervousness made us decide to spontaneously meet the same evening.
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First time with a truly Big Beautiful Woman

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This long period at home because of the virus has me thinking about different, better, times and the fun “close encounters of the delightfully dirty kind” that were then possible.

I always liked tall women, strong women, and slightly chubby women – more to love was my thinking. I had not, until one summer long ago, ever been with a truly big beautiful woman with all the ripe, round sexiness that implied.

“K” lived in the same building and we had friends in common. At first glance, she was cute – short (maybe ‘5,1”), short but nice hair, blonde (from a bottle), blue eyes, and a big smile. She was also a flirt and more than a little bit of a smartass with a tendency toward humor of a Mae West / slightly dirty variety.

Jeans and baggy tops were her usual garb. One day, however, I encountered her in the hall in a long halter top casual dress and sandals. The halter part of the dress strained to hold in two very large very round tits. The rest of the dress clung to be nice little belly and stretched about two large round hips.

We talked, I looked, we talked, and I looked some more. It quickly became clear that she was enjoying the attention because the halter fabric soon stretched to reveal the outline of two large and apparently very hard nipples.

We both had places to go and people to see and so a date, later, for drinks nearby, was made. All day I could think of nothing other than K and her ripe, sexy body that I wanted so much.

Nerdy BBW meet-cute at the library

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nerdy bbw

“That’s a really good one,” said the woman beside him. “Have you read it before?”

He stood before the Graphic Novel shelves at the public library, and had just taken down a copy of Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi’s memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. He had noticed the woman already at the shelves when he arrived, but gave her only the briefest glance before looking for the book he wanted. Now he turned to face the speaker.

She had straight medium brown hair, with streaks of blue and purple, that went past her shoulders down her back. She wore large eyeglasses with thick black frames. Her face was pretty, with a slight roundness from the extra mass she carried – she was somewhat fat, with thick arms and thighs, a belly that bulged and drooped a little, and large round breasts. Her figure was just barely hourglass. She wore a dark grey tee shirt, black denim jeans, and sandals. Her skin was pale and clear. She stood two or three inches shorter than him.

He saw what she held in her hand – three volumes of Marvel’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. “I love that book,” he said. “When I first read them I thought it was the best thing ever.”
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