Huge titted wife gets forcibly schooled in ass-to-mouth

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There was no getting away from it. Bethany, my ex-wife, had enormous tits. Absolutely enormous. They were always big. When we first got together in our mid twenties she was very curvy and busty. 5’4″ with long dark hair and a pretty, child-like face with a cute nose and big brown eyes. She put on weight steadily during our ten year marriage. Her bottom and thighs got substantially bigger and she developed a bit of a tummy but you couldn’t call her fat. She still went in and out in all the right places. Just a lot further out than before. But the thing was, her boobs just seemed to get bigger and bigger.
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Chubby slut gets all she can handle on vacation

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Hi, my name is Niky, and I’m a fat slut. I’ve always been chubby, no other way to describe it. 5 feet 3 inches tall, blond hair and green eyes. I’m not grossly obese, just have a big ass and hips with a tummy roll in front. My boobs aren’t huge, maybe C-cups, and curve up with puffy nipples. I wasn’t ugly, but it didn’t matter, the boys flocked to the not-so-chubby girls. Yes, I had guy friends, but it was never anything beyond friendship, not even a kiss. Those 4 awful years finally passed, and I went off to community college in a nearby town, moving into an apartment by myself. College was a big change, the people were more willing to accept me, inviting me to study groups, and then to parties. It was at a party that I had my first sex experience. A group of guys rented a house together, and they were throwing a big bash in the back yard. Everyone was drunk, of course, and I was in a deep conversation with this nerdy guy, when he suddenly stopped talking, and stared at my chest. I was braless, and looking down, I saw my nipples were hard and pushing out against the thin material. I giggled, not knowing what to say. He finally looked up at me. “Uh, you uh, wanna go inside?” he stammered. Continue reading

Spying on a mature Countess leads to steamy revelations

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Eyda looked down the torch-lit hallway, and after making sure nobody was coming, pressed her bare palm on the stone brick she knew would open the secret door. As the mechanism hidden behind the wall slowly revealed the passage, she slid a hood over her half-elven ears, concealing her short, reddish hair. Once inside the tunnel, she made sure the door closed behind her and produced the map the Emperor had drawn for her. The ink on the parchment indicated she had to go up and make a few turns around the castle before she would reach the room she had to sneak into. Eyda whispered an incantation and activated the magical artifact she had on her left hand: a copper ring that shone dimly, like a candle. It wouldn’t be enough for a human to navigate with, but for a half-elf, whose eyes could easily adjust to the penumbra of twilight, it was a valuable tool. Continue reading