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Living with a bbw aunt

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Of course, this is a story about me. I’m Karl, a 45 year old male, 5′ 8″, 170 pounds, 6 inch penis, (cocks are bigger), an accounting auditor with same firm for the past 22 years. My wife and I have been divorced now for 1 year.

I lived with my widowed mother.

It seemed to me everyone knew my secret. My wife did a fine job of humiliating me all over town.,

When my employer asked if I would be interested in transferring to their head office, in the city I quickly accepted.

“I called your Aunt Hazel and she said you can come and stay with her until you’ve found a place of your own,” said my mother. I appreciated the offer and thanked mom. I was familiar with the city as I went there often for work.

Aunt Hazel is 5 years older than mother and built like her; 5’8″, weighted approximately 200 lbs, has red hair, and a beautiful complexion.
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Fat Prudish Aunt

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So I’d just finished helping the old battle axe, my favorite aunt. She’d asked me to help her move a few things and it’d only take a few minutes. It took most of the freakin day.

She’s always been a snooty know it all. What can I say, I like to help. All you have to do is ask and I’m there, often times putting my own needs aside.

She’s a little heavy, but not obese. According to her, however, she’s not fat. Well she had an ass I wouldn’t mind getting into. She quickly put together a snack for me and said she had to go have a shower. I started in on the treats she left on the kitchen table and she went off to her room.

I was enjoying a long cold soda when she then saunters out with a towel wrapped around her, telling me she doesn’t think she’s overweight.

She asked if she was wrong as she opened the towel to reveal herself. She still had her bra and panties on, and did a half twirl. I saw her panty clad area and got hard.
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Used and abused by two fat women

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bbw porn

She just bent down to fetch the cake I had asked for
and her blouse fell open, so I had a bird’s eye view
of her huge tits. I had bought stuff here every other
day for the last six months and had noticed, of
course, that she had enormous tits. She was just plain
fat, but even if she lost all the weight she’d still
have big tits. Now I was staring at them my legs felt
weak; her tits were squashed together, the skin
slightly wrinkled between them, they each looked
bigger than her head.
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She kissed and nibbled her way up closer and closer to my pussy

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“Thin” isn’t a word anyone has ever used to describe me. “Beautiful” isn’t either. But “sexy”? Well, that’s another story.

It’s funny how long it takes us to come to a realization of who we really are. For me, it took just over 40 years. My whole life I’d struggled with the weight of my own expectations—always wanting to be fifteen or twenty pounds lighter, to have better cheekbones, to have my hair be a better color or my complexion a little better.

Measured against my friends, I was just plain. “Really nice” was the most common way I heard people describe me in high school. I didn’t want to be “nice,” I wanted to be desirable the way my friends Claudia or Michelle were. Boys dripped off them. Me they hardly noticed. Continue reading