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Young Lady And The Bigtitted Whore

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I was a lesbian practically all of my life. I
don’t even remember the first time I started playing
with other girls’ private parts. I do remember my
18th birthday party. An older bbw girl got me alone in
my bedroom and showed me her pussy. She was old
enough to have dark pubic hair growing on her pussy.
She allowed me to play with her pussy for awhile. I
think she asked me to kiss her down there. I
remember vividly what her pussy smelled and tasted
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She kissed and nibbled her way up closer and closer to my pussy

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“Thin” isn’t a word anyone has ever used to describe me. “Beautiful” isn’t either. But “sexy”? Well, that’s another story.

It’s funny how long it takes us to come to a realization of who we really are. For me, it took just over 40 years. My whole life I’d struggled with the weight of my own expectations—always wanting to be fifteen or twenty pounds lighter, to have better cheekbones, to have my hair be a better color or my complexion a little better.

Measured against my friends, I was just plain. “Really nice” was the most common way I heard people describe me in high school. I didn’t want to be “nice,” I wanted to be desirable the way my friends Claudia or Michelle were. Boys dripped off them. Me they hardly noticed. Continue reading