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Ebony BBW meeting Alex for the first time + black moms nude

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I arrive at the hotel and go up to his room. He’s left the door open for me. I go in and he hugs me…it feels so good to have his arms wrapped around me. My nerves start to fade. We sit on the bed and make small talk. I ask if he would give me a minute and he goes down the hall to get ice. While he’s gone I light some candles that I brought and I turn out the lights, I open the curtains, and I change into a t-shirt and panties. I pour a little lotion and body oil into my hands and rub it all over my freshly exfoliated skin. Staring at my feet, rubbing up my calves, to my thick thighs, to my ass, then to my belly, stopping for a moment at my 46H breasts and caressing my dark nipples, feeling them harden between my fingers. I linger for a moment before finishing with my arms. I slip into an oversized grey t-shirt that I cut the collar off of so it hangs off one shoulder. I put on a pair of black booty shorts underneath and sit on the bed to wait. Continue reading

First time with a truly Big Beautiful Woman

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This long period at home because of the virus has me thinking about different, better, times and the fun “close encounters of the delightfully dirty kind” that were then possible.

I always liked tall women, strong women, and slightly chubby women – more to love was my thinking. I had not, until one summer long ago, ever been with a truly big beautiful woman with all the ripe, round sexiness that implied.

“K” lived in the same building and we had friends in common. At first glance, she was cute – short (maybe ‘5,1”), short but nice hair, blonde (from a bottle), blue eyes, and a big smile. She was also a flirt and more than a little bit of a smartass with a tendency toward humor of a Mae West / slightly dirty variety.

Jeans and baggy tops were her usual garb. One day, however, I encountered her in the hall in a long halter top casual dress and sandals. The halter part of the dress strained to hold in two very large very round tits. The rest of the dress clung to be nice little belly and stretched about two large round hips.

We talked, I looked, we talked, and I looked some more. It quickly became clear that she was enjoying the attention because the halter fabric soon stretched to reveal the outline of two large and apparently very hard nipples.

We both had places to go and people to see and so a date, later, for drinks nearby, was made. All day I could think of nothing other than K and her ripe, sexy body that I wanted so much.

Bbw Seana Rae Big Tits Mature

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Big Tits Mature

Seana Rae is an American porn star from Salt Lake City, Utah. From 2004 to 2006 she operated a site called MormonMilf.com. For two years she had stopped modelling and acting, but she reappeared in April 2012 on plumperpass website with a new hardcore video. She is still living with husband and children.
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