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Nerdy BBW meet-cute at the library

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nerdy bbw

“That’s a really good one,” said the woman beside him. “Have you read it before?”

He stood before the Graphic Novel shelves at the public library, and had just taken down a copy of Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi’s memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. He had noticed the woman already at the shelves when he arrived, but gave her only the briefest glance before looking for the book he wanted. Now he turned to face the speaker.

She had straight medium brown hair, with streaks of blue and purple, that went past her shoulders down her back. She wore large eyeglasses with thick black frames. Her face was pretty, with a slight roundness from the extra mass she carried – she was somewhat fat, with thick arms and thighs, a belly that bulged and drooped a little, and large round breasts. Her figure was just barely hourglass. She wore a dark grey tee shirt, black denim jeans, and sandals. Her skin was pale and clear. She stood two or three inches shorter than him.

He saw what she held in her hand – three volumes of Marvel’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. “I love that book,” he said. “When I first read them I thought it was the best thing ever.”
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Dirty moving with Molly

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Molly was a wonderful person, great personality, bubbly; jocular and always full of fun; she’d a list of friends as long as your arm. However, she had one large problem and she herself would be the first to admit it; she was built like a brick shithouse. At 275lbs, she had to be huge, but her friends, girlfriends that is, loved her to bits. She was no problem to take out with them, if fact they jumped at the chance, knowing full well that any male’s attention would be attracted to them.

Sex, yes of course she’d had some of the lad’s, but she had to agree, they we’re three sheets to the wind when they’d taken her to bed. Some of her friends welcomed a Molly night, they’d all go out, chatting up the lads getting them well and truly plastered, at the lads expense of course, winding up the guys with erotic gestures, some of her friends were quite fuckable, usually it was a good night for all with Molly getting laid at the end. She could even choose her stud at the beginning of the evening; the girls would then work on him though the evening. Continue reading