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She’s forced to eat her husband’s cum from mistress’s pussy

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I still remember the day she walked into our lives. I could never have suspected that she would grow to have the power over my husband, and now my own life, that she currently does. Out of all the applicants we interviewed to replace our retiring housemaid, she seemed like the perfect candidate. She had been personally recommended by our outgoing maid, who had served us for nearly 20 years until her back problems were too bad for her to continue. Our aging ex-maid told us that Marta was the niece of a close friend, and she could vouch for the young lady’s character.

The girl seemed perfect for the role when I interviewed her. Demure and precise, with downcast eyes and perfect deference to me in all questions, I felt that I could adequately rely on this young woman to carry out the duties I required without me having to overexplain myself and without asserting her own opinions. I cannot stand it when the help offer their own feelings about how my household should be run. I grew up learning to demand a certain standard of quality in all of those who work for me and house staff are no exception.
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A guy gets blackmailed by a female coworker into having sex

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I work with a number of attractive women. I happen
to be one of only 6 males that work for this parti-
cular business, and of the six, I am the youngest
25. The majority of the females that work with me
are around my age and attend graduate school in
similar programs as I do.

It is because of this that we have similar interests
and problems. I have often talked to them about
schoolwork or their opinions on certain topics or
problems with our relationships. School and work
happen to take up a lot of our time and our relation-
ships with girlfriends and boyfriends tend to
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Chubby slut gets all she can handle on vacation

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Hi, my name is Niky, and I’m a fat slut. I’ve always been chubby, no other way to describe it. 5 feet 3 inches tall, blond hair and green eyes. I’m not grossly obese, just have a big ass and hips with a tummy roll in front. My boobs aren’t huge, maybe C-cups, and curve up with puffy nipples. I wasn’t ugly, but it didn’t matter, the boys flocked to the not-so-chubby girls. Yes, I had guy friends, but it was never anything beyond friendship, not even a kiss. Those 4 awful years finally passed, and I went off to community college in a nearby town, moving into an apartment by myself. College was a big change, the people were more willing to accept me, inviting me to study groups, and then to parties. It was at a party that I had my first sex experience. A group of guys rented a house together, and they were throwing a big bash in the back yard. Everyone was drunk, of course, and I was in a deep conversation with this nerdy guy, when he suddenly stopped talking, and stared at my chest. I was braless, and looking down, I saw my nipples were hard and pushing out against the thin material. I giggled, not knowing what to say. He finally looked up at me. “Uh, you uh, wanna go inside?” he stammered. Continue reading