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Chuck replaces his girlfriend with a plumper woman

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Chuck looked at the time on his watch. It was getting late as he sat on the bleachers of the football court. He was impatiently waiting for Ashley to finish her cheers. They had been high school sweethearts, and now attended the same college. It was their second year at the university, and while Chuck remained a Psychology major, Ashley switched from Nursing to Physical Education. She applied for the college cheer-leading squad, and was quickly accepted; after all she did fit the bill for the position. Ashley was a petite, red-headed hottie. She never had any problems with getting her way because of her looks, and she became popular in a very short time.

Chuck supported her and came to all her practices and games; however, the whole routine was becoming tedious. He was beginning to realize that their relationship was suffering, because she never had time for him anymore. He loved her, but his patience was wearing thin. For the past two months, he couldn’t count how many times she blew him off for practice and cheer-leading meetings. He had responsibilities too, and even he made time for her. Ashley was becoming too absorbed in the college football world, and didn’t seem to care about them as a couple. Still, Chuck was hesitant to leave her and hoped that she would come to her senses. Now he was waiting for practice to end, and it seemed that he would only have to wait half an hour longer.

“Thank God it’s almost over.” he thought.

“Hey man!” a voice called out to him.
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Big and Busty ladies all share the cock – its true what they say: big girls suck cock and fuck better.

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I was barely beating Todd in the numbers game at the time of my discharge from the Navy. For those of you assholes who don’t know about the bet, one night out of drunken stupidity we made a bet on who could fuck the most women by the time we turned 50. That bet became the second reason why I am willing to fuck skanks besides my love for fat ass sweaty sex.

My lead grew sustainably when I met Laura. She was a 250 pound lady with all the right curves in all the wrong places. I met her on the same Website that has lead to many of my sexual experiences. I’m talking about Myspace, of course.

When I browsed her profile pictures I thought she looked good in a Halloween outfit. I couldn’t tell if she was a huge heifer. I could tell she was thick but I didn’t know how thick because she never stood next to other people. Continue reading

Fat girls choose black cock

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My name is Diana Styles and I’m a strap-on addict and an avowed fetish fanatic. A five-foot-ten, kind of chubby and big-bottomed, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman of Southern origin living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Forty years old and counting. By day, I am an accountant. I am the CEO of Styles & Madison, a multi-million-dollar accounting practice in Bean Town. By night, I am a serial bed hopper. A forthrightly bisexual white slut who does it all. Threesomes. Bondage. Dominance and submission. Role playing. You name it, I’ve done it. That’s me in a nutshell. Most of all, I am a both a masochist and a sadist, just thought you’d like to know. I like to be made to feel pain. I also like to inflict pain upon others. Presently, I’m sodomizing a big and tall, ruggedly handsome black man in his early forties with my monstrously huge strap-on dildo. His name is Joe Brownstone but I prefer to call him my own personal black. He loves it because, you see, he’s a submissive. Well, today anyway. He’s not usually into this sort of thing. Not all the time. He can be quite dominant when he wants to be. He occasionally gets off on interracial dominance and submission. Continue reading

Dirty moving with Molly

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Molly was a wonderful person, great personality, bubbly; jocular and always full of fun; she’d a list of friends as long as your arm. However, she had one large problem and she herself would be the first to admit it; she was built like a brick shithouse. At 275lbs, she had to be huge, but her friends, girlfriends that is, loved her to bits. She was no problem to take out with them, if fact they jumped at the chance, knowing full well that any male’s attention would be attracted to them.

Sex, yes of course she’d had some of the lad’s, but she had to agree, they we’re three sheets to the wind when they’d taken her to bed. Some of her friends welcomed a Molly night, they’d all go out, chatting up the lads getting them well and truly plastered, at the lads expense of course, winding up the guys with erotic gestures, some of her friends were quite fuckable, usually it was a good night for all with Molly getting laid at the end. She could even choose her stud at the beginning of the evening; the girls would then work on him though the evening. Continue reading