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Estella Bathory Chubby Pornstar

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Estella Bathory is a busty English pornstar, fetish performer and glamour model who has been thrilling fans since 2017. Widely regarded as the UK’s hottest hardcore BBW performer, Estella Bathory was named a Best BBW at the 2018 Television X/SHAFTA Awards, she won the Most Sensual Voice at the 2018 BBW Awards and she was nominated for Best BBW Clip Artist at the 2019 XBIZ Cam Awards.

BBW performer, Estella Bathory
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Pervert Fat Girls

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Peggy stuck her fingers in her pussy and fucked herself until she climaxed. She wanted a man but she was fat and no one ever ask her for a date. She turned twenty one last week and she decided to go to a bar and meet men. Peggy loved beer and often drank too much. Her mom said that if she didn’t stop drinking she would become an alcoholic. Peggy took a taxi to a bar on the edge of town. She sat at a table and ordered a beer. It was Saturday and the place was filled with men! She hoped that one of them would try to pick her up. Peggy drank beer after beer until she was drunk. A tall older man sat at her table.

“My name is Fred” he said.

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