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She’s forced to eat her husband’s cum from mistress’s pussy

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I still remember the day she walked into our lives. I could never have suspected that she would grow to have the power over my husband, and now my own life, that she currently does. Out of all the applicants we interviewed to replace our retiring housemaid, she seemed like the perfect candidate. She had been personally recommended by our outgoing maid, who had served us for nearly 20 years until her back problems were too bad for her to continue. Our aging ex-maid told us that Marta was the niece of a close friend, and she could vouch for the young lady’s character.

The girl seemed perfect for the role when I interviewed her. Demure and precise, with downcast eyes and perfect deference to me in all questions, I felt that I could adequately rely on this young woman to carry out the duties I required without me having to overexplain myself and without asserting her own opinions. I cannot stand it when the help offer their own feelings about how my household should be run. I grew up learning to demand a certain standard of quality in all of those who work for me and house staff are no exception.
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Bbw pizza girl

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I was in a rut. Another Friday night alone. Just like last Friday and the one before that. Sitting here watching some stupid info-mercial aimed at inbred trailer trash. My God- I was watching and thinking of buying the asinine product!!! I needed to do something…quick. Hell, I’ll just get a pizza and take it from there. Yeah, a pizza with everything. With shaking hands and trembling fingers, I picked up the telephone and triumphantly placed my order: “Three pizzas – the works, and a six pack of diet coke.” I impatiently waited for my gourmet feast to arrive. Needless to say, by the time the doorbell rang, I was hungry and horny. I had popped in the video and Ron Jeremy was already boffing Ginger’Lynn in a giant bowl of french salad. Both were smothered in mayonnaise and pickle relish (of all things!).
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Providing oral servitude to BBW Goddess

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This story happened 10 years ago, when I was dating casually, exploring a wide range of sexual experiences.

Her personal ad was straightforward: Big Beautiful Goddess looking for oral worship. I answered without hesitation. After a few messages we exchanged phone numbers. She allowed me to call her.

The first phone conversation is the crucial transition from online to real life. Conversation provides the opportunity to decide whether there is chemistry between strangers. Her voice was cheerful. She had a sense of humor. A mixture of curiosity, excitement and just the right small dose of nervousness made us decide to spontaneously meet the same evening.
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First time with a truly Big Beautiful Woman

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This long period at home because of the virus has me thinking about different, better, times and the fun “close encounters of the delightfully dirty kind” that were then possible.

I always liked tall women, strong women, and slightly chubby women – more to love was my thinking. I had not, until one summer long ago, ever been with a truly big beautiful woman with all the ripe, round sexiness that implied.

“K” lived in the same building and we had friends in common. At first glance, she was cute – short (maybe ‘5,1”), short but nice hair, blonde (from a bottle), blue eyes, and a big smile. She was also a flirt and more than a little bit of a smartass with a tendency toward humor of a Mae West / slightly dirty variety.

Jeans and baggy tops were her usual garb. One day, however, I encountered her in the hall in a long halter top casual dress and sandals. The halter part of the dress strained to hold in two very large very round tits. The rest of the dress clung to be nice little belly and stretched about two large round hips.

We talked, I looked, we talked, and I looked some more. It quickly became clear that she was enjoying the attention because the halter fabric soon stretched to reveal the outline of two large and apparently very hard nipples.

We both had places to go and people to see and so a date, later, for drinks nearby, was made. All day I could think of nothing other than K and her ripe, sexy body that I wanted so much.