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A guy gets blackmailed by a female coworker into having sex

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I work with a number of attractive women. I happen
to be one of only 6 males that work for this parti-
cular business, and of the six, I am the youngest
25. The majority of the females that work with me
are around my age and attend graduate school in
similar programs as I do.

It is because of this that we have similar interests
and problems. I have often talked to them about
schoolwork or their opinions on certain topics or
problems with our relationships. School and work
happen to take up a lot of our time and our relation-
ships with girlfriends and boyfriends tend to
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Curvy cougar loses ass virginity to young muscled swim coach

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Darcy stared at herself in the mirror with disgust. Despite the one-piece, well-fitting bathing suit she wore, she was still critical of herself. She was still a very attractive woman in her mid-forties, but a little curvier then her petite frame suggested. She stood 5′ 3″ and had what some would say a little extra baggage around her hips and thighs.

Though she worked out at home and was part of a neighborhood walking group, Darcy was searching for something fun to help maintain her fitness goals. When she saw that swim classes were being offered at one of the local pools, she eagerly signed up.

Now that she stared at herself in a bathing suit, she wasn’t sure it was such a good idea. There would likely be either grandmothers who would use the class as social hour or women in their teens and twenties with sexy, perfect physiques. Since it was the class’ first day, Darcy could get a full tuition refund if she didn’t like the program.
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BBW gets stripped and humiliated by rival at pool party

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Christine was beginning to regret saying that she would come to the pool party being thrown by her boss. She had expected to be able to find someone to watch her young daughter (since no children were being allowed at the party) so that she could go with her husband. Unfortunately, with only a few days’ notice, that didn’t materialize. So now she would have to be going alone while her husband watched their daughter. It didn’t help that as much as she loved swimming and going to water parks, she was still self-conscious about how she looked in a swimsuit. At just over 5′ tall and around 180 lbs., she was well aware of being overweight. Sure, her husband might say she’s a BBW, but now she’d be there by herself around her co-workers and their significant others, stuffed into her one-piece and without the support of having her husband by her side. She started to question whether she should go.
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Chubby slut gets all she can handle on vacation

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Hi, my name is Niky, and I’m a fat slut. I’ve always been chubby, no other way to describe it. 5 feet 3 inches tall, blond hair and green eyes. I’m not grossly obese, just have a big ass and hips with a tummy roll in front. My boobs aren’t huge, maybe C-cups, and curve up with puffy nipples. I wasn’t ugly, but it didn’t matter, the boys flocked to the not-so-chubby girls. Yes, I had guy friends, but it was never anything beyond friendship, not even a kiss. Those 4 awful years finally passed, and I went off to community college in a nearby town, moving into an apartment by myself. College was a big change, the people were more willing to accept me, inviting me to study groups, and then to parties. It was at a party that I had my first sex experience. A group of guys rented a house together, and they were throwing a big bash in the back yard. Everyone was drunk, of course, and I was in a deep conversation with this nerdy guy, when he suddenly stopped talking, and stared at my chest. I was braless, and looking down, I saw my nipples were hard and pushing out against the thin material. I giggled, not knowing what to say. He finally looked up at me. “Uh, you uh, wanna go inside?” he stammered. Continue reading

Spying on a mature Countess leads to steamy revelations

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Eyda looked down the torch-lit hallway, and after making sure nobody was coming, pressed her bare palm on the stone brick she knew would open the secret door. As the mechanism hidden behind the wall slowly revealed the passage, she slid a hood over her half-elven ears, concealing her short, reddish hair. Once inside the tunnel, she made sure the door closed behind her and produced the map the Emperor had drawn for her. The ink on the parchment indicated she had to go up and make a few turns around the castle before she would reach the room she had to sneak into. Eyda whispered an incantation and activated the magical artifact she had on her left hand: a copper ring that shone dimly, like a candle. It wouldn’t be enough for a human to navigate with, but for a half-elf, whose eyes could easily adjust to the penumbra of twilight, it was a valuable tool. Continue reading

BBW caught masturbating by neighbor

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It was my first day back at the cabin this year. I was looking forward to a few days alone to renew my soul. I have always loved the woods and being in nature, but I like being natural most of all. When I’m alone I’ll lounge around and relax just as nature intended. Bare. This time is no exception. I put all of my clothes in the bedroom, and that’s where they’re going to stay until I have to get dressed.

It was almost two in the morning when I got up here on Wednesday morning. So I unloaded my stuff, got the heat on, and lit the pilots on the stove. Then I stripped, and kicked back before finally hitting the sack around three. I’m up early every day, and without my alarm my eyes were open a little after eight. That’s a late start for me, but I’m good with it. The forecast called for rain, but it was nice and sunny. A bit cool, but there’s still some snow on the ground so that’s expected. Continue reading