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Do plump girls give good head?

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lisa canon

“Why the glum face bud?” Asked Lisa, as her boss stormed into the office.

“ Can you believe it?” Growled Steve, “ I look after her, take her all over the place, and I catch hear cheating at the Rose Bud Pub.”

“Sorry, I thought you two were an item,” Lisa replied. “ Look on the bright side, at least you found out what kind of person she is now, before you guys got more serious.”

“Yeah, right,” Frowned Steve, “Thanks for your advice, you have been right on a lot of things. I just need some time to sort things out. Talk with you more at coffee time.”

Lisa smiled at Steve as he headed to his office. They had been friends for just over three years. She was his assistant ever since she started working at Ace Accounting. Steve had gone through numerous relationships, most never lasting longer than three months. Even though he was thirty-three and she was twenty-six, she had offered more advice and consoling over the three years that they had worked together. Steve had lots of money working for his Dad at the accounting firm, and it seemed that the only women he could attract were the greedy money grabbers. Continue reading